Do you suffer from Heartburn, Indigestion, Stomach Pain, Reflux, Gas or Bloating?


Digest your food and utilize and absorb your nutrients better!


“Food was meant to energize and has tremendous healing power. It was not meant to make us sick and tired.”

-Dr. Matthew Cooper

Stomach pain and indigestion are symptoms of poor digestion, not excessive stomach acid. ENZYME DR aids in digestion and may prevent pain or uncomfortable symptoms from ever occurring.


ENZYME DR is not just another supplement company.  We have:

  • Been making medical quality enzyme formulas used in doctor’s offices on real patients for years.
  • Been featured in numerous news and media outlets including CBS News, FOX News, New York Times, Forbes, People Magazine, OK Magazine, Ocean Drive Magazine, Hamptons Magazine, and many more.
  • Consulted and private labeled enzymes and probiotics for other supplement and organic food companies
  • Helped hundreds of celebrities and athletes achieve their goals including Super Bowl and World Series Champions, Grammy and Emmy Winners, and Gold Medal Athletes.



ENZYME DR™ created BEAT THE BURN, a 100% plant based, all-natural proprietary enzyme formula. It was developed by leading doctors to break down food and support digestion. This is extremely important because most people who suffer from reflux or stomach disorders simply do not digest or break down their food properly. The concept that too much acid is the root of your problem is highly unlikely and unscientific.

The BEST solution for decreasing or even eliminating occasional embarrassing and uncomfortable stomach symptoms is to improve digestion. BEAT THE BURN!


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  • We specialize in enzyme based supplements comprised of the highest quality, clinically proven ingredients.
  • We use all plant based enzymes that work in a broad pH. They may be a little more expensive but they work! FRUIT and ANIMAL based enzymes are much cheaper to make but do not work well for digestion! They cannot survive an acidic environment so you are wasting your money.
  • The doctors and scientists that created our proprietary formulas have utilized enzymes to help people address their health needs for over 30 years.
  • Knowing how enzymes work together is essential for creating the right formula to best prevent symptoms and improve the overall quality of life.
  • Trusted by Doctors that have been using our formulas in their medical practices for years.
  • ENZYME DR has helped many professional and Olympic athletes obtain an optimal status of health (link to testimonial page)


The end results are superior, safe products, which have been clinically tested on real patients!

ENZYME DR ™ Contains All Natural Ingredients

but it’s the Unique Blend that Makes it Work


Celebrity Testimonials
Jill MartinJill Martin
NY Times Best Selling Author
“ENZYME DR™ helped flatten out my stomach by reducing my frequent bloating following a meal…”
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EJ BiggersEJ Biggers
Washington Redskins, NFL
“I have been using ENZYME DR™ now for 5 years. Prior to that I suffered from horrible indigestion and bloating that was not…”
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Beat The Burn
At ENZYME DR™ we recognize the value of optimal health and wellbeing for everybody. Only through proper digestion can we obtain the nutrients necessary to keep our bodies functioning at the highest levels possible. Our products allow for the proper absorption and utilization of vital nutrients that are often not used properly in the body due to many common issues in the digestive tract.
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Do you suffer from heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain, reflux, gas or bloating?

Try ENZYME DR™, our solution for digestive discomfort!